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Training & Education

Technical Course Registration


Option 1

This option is for all staff for which a basic knowledge and understanding of paint and its application would improve performance and productivity:

Having successfully completed Basic Technology and Paint Application, your next Module will be “Evaluation“, which will qualify you for the award Surface Coatings Technologist (Part 1).

  • Paint Technologist
  • Qualification

Option 2
Surface Coatings Technology Part 1

This option is for staff working either in a Quality Control laboratory environment, Technical Sales Representatives and Raw Material Supplier Representatives.

Option 3
Surface Coatings Technology: Part 1

As in option2 above plus the Modules covering Pigments and Modifiers and/or Project Management and Managing Interpersonal Relationships in the Coatings Industry.

Option 4
Surface Coatings Technology: Part 2.

This option is for staff whose jobs and careers are focused on product development or formulation optimisation, technical support, trouble shooting and/or problem solving:

Option 5
Surface Coatings Technology Part 1

Note: Students who do not have the required chemistry background for formulating will need to successfully complete the Basic Science Module before commencing with Solvents and Binders

Staff specialising in powder coatings can study:

Having successfully completed modules 01 to 08 leads to a qualification as Chemist:

Surface Coatings Technician NQF 5 Accredited by the QCTO