Training & Education

Training & Education

Qualification Surface Coatings Technologist


A National Occupational Certificate in Surface Coatings Technologist
NQF 5 SAQA ID 96367

General Introduction and History

SAPMA acquired the use of the learning material from the British Coatings Federation (BCF) (formerly known as the Paint Makers Association of Great Britain) in 1987. Since then there have been a number of changes made to the notes in order to keep abreast with changes in the technology or adapt them to the South African environment. There have also been changes with respect to the method of presentation and facilitation.

The most recent changes were the incorporation of three additional lessons namely “Project Management”, “Information Management” and “Managing Interpersonal Relationships” in order to meet the requirements of the practical skills curriculum. The programme has also been changed to align it with the requirements of the qualification assessment specification. The overall development of Formulation Principles for accreditation was facilitated by the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA).

This programme is designed for anyone who needs to develop an understanding of the technology of Surface Coatings and to ultimately obtain a recognised qualification in accordance with the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Occupational Purpose

The Surface Coatings Technologist develops surface coatings formulations, optimises existing surface coatings formulations and provides technical support services to surface coatings manufacturers and end users.

Module Pre-Requisites

It is assumed that students registering for Formulation Principles would have previously attained reasonably comprehensive knowledge of coatings components and test methods. This must have been achieved by successfully completing the earlier modules together with present or recent employment in the coatings or related industries.

Completion of the following Modules and achievement of the prescribed credits will normally be expected.

Learning Credits NQF Level
Module 01 - Basic Technology 9 4
Module 02 - Paint Application 9 5
Module 03 - Solvents and Binders 10 5
Module 04 - Pigments & Dispersion 12 5
Module 05 - Modifiers 7 5
Module 06 - Evaluation (Testing of Paint) 6 5
Module 07 - Convertible Binders 12 5

The Learning Process Design

Formulating Principles is the final in the series designed to develop an understanding of the technology of Surface Coatings in terms of their components and test methods. In order to continue with this Module you would have successfully completed the preceding modules. The learning process design for Formulating Principles is made up of six sections namely:

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Section Title Credits NQF Level
A & B Formulating Principles / Formulation Requirements 5 6
C Practical Skills 16 6
D Work Experience 60 5
E Project & Information Management 6 4
F Managing Interpersonal Relationships in the Paint Industry 6 4
TOTAL 93 5